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Abarai Renji x Ishida Uryuu
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They both live in different worlds, and that will probably never change. But for now, they stand together...

Welcome to the community for the rare but lovely, snarky pairing of Abarai Renji and Ishida Uryuu! Hate love is snarky love is love! Shinigami/Quincy hate love forever!


Basic rules of the community:
1. Be polite. Don't post here to diss on the yaoi RenIshi love.
2. Use LJ-cuts! Use spoiler warnings! Use NSFW or rating warnings!
3. All posts have to have something to do with Renishi/Ishiren love/snark somehow.
4. Please no "HI I LOVE YAOI THESE BOYS ARE SO HAWT KTHNXBYE" posts. And that's all. New to comm, want to say hi? That's fine. Just offer us something with your introduction.
5. For posting fanart and fanfics, please use the specified formats.
6. Please, no ads.
7. No posting of contests, challenges, competitions without the expressed permission of firstmidnight and nomoreprinces

Posting Formats

<b>Notes:</b> (rating, nsfw, bondage, noncony, fluffy, that sort of thing)

<lj-cut text="Lala text"><img src="http://www.renishiislove.com/yum.jpg"></lj-cut>

Or if you've found a really great Japanese fanart website just post the link with basic instructions of how to access those great fanarts. :)

Fanart gets the tag art.


<lj-cut text="lala text!">fanfic!</lj-cut>


<b>( <a href="http://www.renishiislove.com/porn.html">This is a fake LJ-cut heehee!</a> )</b>

Fanfiction gets the tag fic.

Fake LJ-cuts are perfectly fine with us.


Want to affiliate? Please comment here with that request!

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shuuran - Shuuhei/Rangiku pairing comm.


Abarai x Ishida is hate smex aesthetically pleasing love.

Have any questions or comments or suggestions? Drop a line to the mod, firstmidnight!


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